the logo explained

LOGO RSOA-Rodrigues Skool of Art


The butterfly is the strong symbol of our art school.

Why the butterfly!

BUTTERFLYThe butterfly symbolizes metamorphosis, change or even birth or rebirth.RSOA wants to be a strong element of change, thus bringing about the change that Rodrigues so badly needs in the domain of art. From a small egg, to a caterpillar,  from a chrysalis to a pretty butterfly. RSOA is this little egg called to become a pretty butterfly  where art and artists will be recognized and valued as deserved.


The red of love. The red of passion, the red of blood.Red is the color of passion “par excellence”. To say that at the RSOA, each facilitator, each member, each student lets himself  transformed by  passion and RSOA wants to nurture this passion. A passion for art because let’s say it, everyone who is dedicated to the cause of our art school does it out of passion. RSOA, ART BY AND FOR PASSION, to explain the red of our butterfly.


The blue of our lagoon, the blue of our sky. Blue is the echo of life, travel and discovery. We also think of water, source of life.Through the blue of our butterfly, we are encouraging our youth  to discover the arts, in all its facets. Through the blue color that our butterfly sports, we advocate the discovery of art in all its facets. Through the RSOA give new life to art so that over time, art in Rodrigues becomes a source of life. Art is a passion, but when art is used to help those who practice it to survive, art becomes a source of life.


Symbol of rarity and royalty.   Purple the color of dreamers.

At the RSOA, yes,  we want to dream and make people dream. Dreaming that with our school everything is possible. Dream that every child who comes our door has in him / her a rare pearl that we must discover, value and celebrate.

At RSOA, we are dreamers who want to find in art as many rare pearls and0 ttake them from the shade to the light.  THE RODRIGUAN ART FROM THE SHADOW TO THE LIGHT. Art is a beauty, it can be rare but it also has a price.


The color of the marriage between the past, the present and the future.All of them mixed together to create harmony.Precisely RSOA is a marriage of the past, artistsand young people with a lived experience, the present, what we are doing now and the future what we aspire to become.The ocher of harmonyRSOA wants to be a platform of harmony to bring together different forms of art. You will find in our school, music, dance, theater, slam, poetry as well as audiovisual. Like a beautiful musical comedy, art comes together in harmony to create the most beautiful of symphonies.


Green symbolizes nature, which says nature says environmentRSOA works not only in the artistic field but is also involved in social and environmental issues. When art serves the environmental and ecological cause. Through art raise awareness on the challenges that lie ahead, such as climate change.The green of hope, RSOA believes that even the smallest of actions within our school can one day yield the most fruitful. We are today a little egg with the hope of becoming this pretty butterfly.


RSOA is rodriguan, and was born in Rodrigues by rodriguan’s initiatives. To say that our school also aims to promote our small island of 108 square km, its people, its culture, its folklore, its young people and its artists. Through art with its different artistic fields, be the ambassadors of our island, where we are.


The circle that surrounds our butterfly and our Rodrigues Island, symbolizes the planet earth. RSOA also wants to export itself around the world and make itself known, exchange, share with other artists from other cultures.The circle is the strong symbol of unity, of continuity, the universal symbol of eternity, of infinity.RSOA wants to last over time and establish itself for generations, the artists to come and be the source from which new talents will spring up.Unity because we work together in solidarity. We want to bring together the different forms of art but also bring together young people, institutions, the population; artists form every horizon under the banner of art.